Aims and Ethos

It is our belief that Tickford Park Primary School should help children become more confident and competent both academically and socially. We aim to help them to prepare themselves for the challenges presented by today's and tomorrow's society. Our school aims to provide, therefore, an exciting, caring environment, which will encourage confidence and autonomous learning.

We set out to help children:

  • develop understanding, knowledge and skills (aesthetic and creative, human and scientific, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific, spiritual and technological) across the curriculum;
  • express themselves well in a variety of ways;
  • consider the needs of others;
  • work on their own (independently) and with others (co-operatively);
  • respond positively to challenges and problems;
  • learn to analyse, evaluate and assess;
  • accept an appropriate measure of responsibility;
  • recognise and be prepared to challenge injustice and prejudice, including racial discrimination;
  • appreciate the part they can and should be prepared to play in society;
  • become good citizens;
  • achieve economic wellbeing;
  • stay safe;
  • be healthy;
  • enjoy and achieve;
  • make a positive contribution.


We believe it is crucial that children are given opportunities to become self-organised and self disciplined within the learning environment. Learning experiences are varied, structured yet flexible enough to relate to the needs of individual children, allowing them to realise their full potential.

The ethos of the school promotes happiness, excitement and achievement with individual target setting being informed by formative and summative assessments.

We believe in a real partnership with parents and our local community, and place an extremely high value on achieving good personal relationships between all members of our school family.