21st June 2019
Around the World in Year 3

Year 3 were busy bakers this week!  As part of their 'Around the World' topic, they have baked some South American biscuits, called Alfajores. Typically, the filling of two sweet biscuits is dulce de leche, a filling which proved very popular. The children mixed, whisked, grated lemon zest and even separated their egg yolks from the egg whites- some fantastic skills and baking flair was on display! We hope they tasted just as good as they looked.

18th June 2019
Summer Fete 28th June

The fete takes place after school on the 28th June and includes the following (to name a few):
Fire Engine, Dominos Pizza, Kings Arms Bar, Cakes, Ice cream Van, Face Painter & Temporary Tattoos
There will be a large assortment of games for everyone to enjoy including:  Teddy Tombola, Bottle Tombola, Sweets Tombola, Gifts & Toiletries Tombola, Penalty Shoot Out, Hook a Duck, Guess Sweets in the Jar, Buzzer Game, Hoopla, Coconut Shy and Inflatable
Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to help run the event. It is much appreciated.

07th June 2019
Lads in Lessons-14 June

Lads are invited to join us for a “Lads in Lessons” session on the afternoon of Friday 14th June.  The session will start at 1:30pm, and it is vital that any ‘lads’ who would like to take part are in Martin Hall for the safeguarding and information briefing at 1:15pm.  The session will finish at 2:45pm, and you may take your children with you at that time.

If you would like to take part please complete the form at the end of the 7th of June newsletter.

05th June 2019
Mufti Day – 7th June

Children are invited to wear their own clothes to school on Friday 7th June for donations of clean, washed teddy bears or bottles of drink/wine for the teddy and bottle tombolas taking place at our school fete. On behalf of the FOTPPS, I would like to thank you for your kind donations at our previous mufti days. This year’s fete is going to be fabulous.

However, we are in need of some more volunteers to help with the stalls, even if it’s only for an hour it would be much appreciated. Please contact the Friends through their Facebook page if you can spare a bit of your time.

Thank you.