Holdenby House

Holdenby House 4th February 2019

The children in Amber and Quartz class (Year 1) visited Holdenby House in Northampton where they continued their learning about some of the employment that Victorian children had to undertake.

The children were received by Mrs Bumbridge and Mrs Crumpet and soon put to their tasks.

This included working in the kitchen, bedroom, and boot room, where they baked bread, ground bread crumbs, chopped vegetables, made herb filled bags, dusted books, made beds, polished brass and saddles, beat the dust out of the bedroom rug and many other jobs.

This was followed by a tour of the house and insights into the amazing bells system, which runs through the house.

Next, the children 'met Lady Annaly' and entertained her with a rendition of God save the Queen. 

Finally two of the children were presented with a certificate charging them to return to the house at age 10, to work as Victorian servants for the Lord and Lady of the house.

Mrs Djan, Miss Nash, Mrs Taylor