Martin Building Heating Replacement - Year 4 Next to Relocate

Replacing all of the heating in Martin Building has begun; the heating work will continue throughout the Summer Term and should be completed by September. The contractors will work in one year group at a time, and during that time (2/3 weeks) the whole year group will be relocated into the Library and Aston Hall. The work will begin in Year 3.

The heating replacement in Martin Building is ongoing, as from Monday 25th June the contractors will begin working in year 4. For 2/3 weeks the whole year group will be relocated to the Library and Aston Hall. Furniture from their own classrooms will be moved into both areas so that there is familiarity for the children. The children will use the toilets by the library and will follow normal routines, and the existing timetable where possible. At the end of the day please collect Peridot children from the external library door and Turquoise children from the food technology door (by Astro turf)

Please be assured that the health and safety of all our children and staff will be paramount during these improvements.

We will keep parents up to date with any changes and thank you for your support in this matter.