Sport Relief Day 23 March 2018

Sports Relief  and The Daily Mile

You might have spotted that on the playground we have had a coloured track installed. The track is an all year round activity that parents, pupils and staff can use to walk, jog or run a mile, every day. We will be using this during the school day but it is also open for you to use before and/or after school. We will be having a short break from the morning dance sessions so please use this time to get started on using the track. During Sport Relief week the children will be learning about how physical activity can impact on their lives and the lives of others.

On Friday 23rd March, all children may wear sports clothing such as team kits or clothing that represents a particular sport, for which we are asking of a £1 donation which will be sent to Sport Relief. Please ensure that their sports clothing is appropriate for work and play.

During Sport Relief week, all children will have the opportunity to walk or run the mile with their class.

We are looking forward to using the Daily Mile track to improve our fitness and wellbeing.