30th November 2017
Christmas Post Box

From Monday 4th December the TPPS Christmas post boxes and delivery service will be operational. Children in year 6 will be delivering the cards to classes. Please ensure children write the full name and class of the person receiving the card on the envelope. We cannot guarantee delivery otherwise.

24th November 2017
Numeracy Fair

On Monday 27th November between 3:30 and 4:30, we will be holding a Numeracy Fair. This will be a fantastic opportunity for parents to see how maths is taught in each year group, and to ask any questions relating to methods and appropriate maths language. Children are welcome to attend with their parents. There will be no chalkboards, tests or maths exams – just an opportunity to put those maths fears to rest! Please complete and return the form at the end of the newsletter if you would like to attend.

20th November 2017
Maths Week

Maths Week begins this week starting on Monday 20th November.  This week, the children will have the opportunity to use maths in a variety of everyday contexts.  From making and selling Christmas decorations to weighing popcorn for a movie afternoon. 

16th November 2017
Children in Need

On Friday 17th November we are raising money for BBC's Children in Need.  On this day children are invited to wear clothes and/or accessories containing spots or stripes with their uniform (so a school skirt or trousers with a stripy T-shirt or spotty leggings with school shirt). The children can also wear Children in Need clothing and accessories. If children take part we are encouraging them to bring in a donation of £1 please.