Year 3 Performance - Porridge

Year 3's production, called ‘Porridge’, is a humorous twisted fairytale, featuring Goldie ‘Lox’ and the Three bears, the Billy Goat brothers, Mother Hubbard, Little Miss Muffett and many, many more. We invite Year 3’s family members to come and watch our performance. We have a full dress rehearsal on the morning of Monday 5th February at 9:30am, which you are all welcome to come and watch. Our main performance will be on Monday 5th February, at 5:30pm. You do not need to purchase tickets, or let your child’s teacher know if you can attend, you can just turn up and enjoy the show! More information, regarding costumes and the schedule for your child to be at school for the evening’s performance on that day, will be given to your child. We look forward to welcoming you to our performance, and hope you enjoy it!