07th June 2019
Lads in Lessons-14 June

Lads are invited to join us for a “Lads in Lessons” session on the afternoon of Friday 14th June.  The session will start at 1:30pm, and it is vital that any ‘lads’ who would like to take part are in Martin Hall for the safeguarding and information briefing at 1:15pm.  The session will finish at 2:45pm, and you may take your children with you at that time.

If you would like to take part please complete the form at the end of the 7th of June newsletter.

05th June 2019
Mufti Day – 7th June

Children are invited to wear their own clothes to school on Friday 7th June for donations of clean, washed teddy bears or bottles of drink/wine for the teddy and bottle tombolas taking place at our school fete. On behalf of the FOTPPS, I would like to thank you for your kind donations at our previous mufti days. This year’s fete is going to be fabulous.

However, we are in need of some more volunteers to help with the stalls, even if it’s only for an hour it would be much appreciated. Please contact the Friends through their Facebook page if you can spare a bit of your time.

Thank you.

02nd April 2019
Maypole Dancing on 5th May

We were very proud of the TPPS children who performed a Maypole Dance, at the Kings Arms Pub in Newport Pagnell, on Sunday 5th May. The children had volunteered to take part, practising during lunchtimes in the weeks leading up to the event. They were amazing! The Mayor of Newport Pagnell was in attendance, and he was very  impressed. The children were due to perform the dance twice, but were so excited they chose to perform it a third time (much to the enjoyment of the crowd). A big thank you must also go to the Year 6 children who volunteered to hold the Maypole steady, and ensured the ribbons were untangled and with the correct children. The event was well supported, and it was lovely to see so many of our children’s family members, and friends, in attendance.

21st March 2019
Voice in a Million

It was an amazing day for KS2 choir, who arrived at Wembley SSE Arena at 1:45 in the afternoon after having left school at half past 12.

We waited with all the other schools and were ushered into a gigantic auditorium - then excitement really started bubbling. We took our seats and rehearsals kicked off at 3:30 with schools joining the choirs on the stage for the banner parade. Amidst lots of excited chatter, gleeful laughter and looking around in awe we settled down and rehearsed some songs together and then eagerly had our dinner. We donned our VIAM t-shirts, went shopping to buy some of the merchandise on display including glow sticks which we used for the magical effect when singing the songs.

At 7:15 the concert started and we sang our hearts out to the public, which included our families. We heard the back story of VIAM and its links with Adoption UK. We got back to Tickford Park at 11:45. Many were fast asleep on the coach, but some were still buzzing with the excitement of the day.

Thank you to all who brought in pennies to donate to this charity. What an amazing day we had!

Mrs Djan, Miss Chapman, Miss Morley, Miss Coomber, Mrs Holland, Mrs Singer

A couple of images have been posted on the Gallery.

20 March 2019