09th April 2017
Year 5 Residential Visit to Oakwood

49 children spent a week at Oakwood Challenge Centre; they took part in a wide range of activities and had a wonderful time. 

09th April 2017
Visit to the Church and Bakery

Foundation Stage children visited our local church and bakery to learn about Easter and Hot Cross Buns. 

09th April 2017
Ducklings in Foundation Stage

6 unhatched eggs arrived in Foundation Stage last week. The children (and staff) eagerly watch the incubated eggs until all 6 hatched into healthy ducklings. 

09th April 2017
Ladies in Lessons (to celebrate Mother's Day)

Grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters were all invited to take part in a lesson to celebrate Mother's Day. The children and ladies thoroughly enoyed learning together.