Extremism & Radicalisation

As a parent you may be worried about how extremism and radicalisation might affect your child.

A booklet has been put together by Victvs Ltd..........Download the Guide for Parents

Who has put the booklet together?

Victvs Ltd is a training and consultancy company specialising in tackling extremism and radicalisation.

We work with schools and colleges throughout the UK to help make sure that people have a better understanding of the dangers of young people becoming involved with violent extremism.

For free, confidential advice about these issues, please call us on 01600 891 548.

What are extremism and radicalisation?

Any idea can be taken to an extreme, but the type of extremism that this leaflet looks at is when ideas and opinions lead on to violence.

We often hear on the news of young people that have been radicalised and drawn into terrorist groups, but what does that mean? In simple terms radicalisation is the process of someone developing extremist views.

Should I be worried?

Despite the high levels of media attention given to these issues, the chances of them affecting you as a parent are very low.

It is important to remember that the most people will never support terrorism and that the amount of young people that become involved in violent extremism is very small.

What is the government doing about extremism and radicalisation?

The government recently introduced a law to make it compulsory for places such as schools and hospitals to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

This means that frontline staff are working hard to ensure that young people are protected from extremism and radicalisation.

What to look out for

You know your child better than anyone else, and are best placed to notice any changes in their behaviour. Talk to someone if you have concerns. (See over the page for who to talk to.)

It is the job of everyone to prevent the radicalisation of young people. Parents, teachers, friends and family all have a part to play in making sure that extremist ideas are challenged.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a checklist of what makes someone become an extremist, every individual is unique.


  • Young people want to push the boundaries. They are searching for an identity in a confusing world.
  • Encouraging young people to learn about and understand alternative points of view is an essential role of a parent.