Singing Playgrounds

September 2015 we started a year-long project called ‘Singing Playgrounds’. The aim of the project is to teach children a variety of singing games which they can then play themselves. A lot of children volunteered to be ‘Song Leaders’ and we eventually chose a small group who spent a whole day learning how to do this important role. This year we have chosen some new Song Leaders and they are ready to start leading Singing Playgrounds after half term. 

Each week they decide which songs children will enjoy the most and then teach them to any children that want to join in. The programme has been a big success so far and we have learnt lots of new song games. The children’s favourite songs to date are ‘Bungalow’ and ‘Jump Jim Joe.’ Get them to show you how they go! Singing Playgrounds usually happens every Tuesday morning, at break time. It’s a fantastic way to meet new friends, try something new and learn some different games to play with other people.

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