Sports leaders

Year 6 Sports Leaders

Year 6 leaders training started in October 2019. We have 17 Year 6 Leaders; health leaders, play leaders, dance leaders and sports leaders. Our health leader’s role is to check lunchboxes and award children with healthy eating stickers. They will also promote our HIT5 programme which focuses on a different theme each half term. Our play leaders work with children in Year 1 and 2, specially targeting children who have not attended an after-school sporting club or event, or any children who find playing sensibly and safely at playtimes difficult. The activities that the group organise are designed to encourage turn taking and sharing as well as encouraging teamwork. We have spent some of our Sports Premium budget on purchasing equipment that will engage the children’s interest. Our sports leaders help to collect letters for Sports festivals, collect team kit and help with equipment. On Friday lunchtimes, our dance leaders will help to run ‘Funky Friday’ by choreographing dances for the whole school to follow.