Useful websites


Age/KS Brief explanation of activity Web address
FS Phonics and number games.
F/KS1 Maths games against the clock.
Year 1 Interactive game – Number BondsVariety of games for most units.
Year 1  One more one less/ adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.
KS1 Money
KS1/2  All areas of maths
KS1/2  All areas of maths 
KS1 Place value /Arrow cards resources
KS1  Multiplication Picnic
KS2 Converting metric weights (maths)
Year 3  Time
Year 5 Area and Perimeter
Year 5 Literacy games
KS1/2 Mental maths warm-ups
Year 2 KS1 Add or subtract single digit numbers
Year 3 Fractions
KS1/2 Numeracy games, activities etc all connected with number and maths
KS1/KS2 Multiplication practise through games and fun               
KS1/2 Multiplication practise
Year3/4 Interactive clock to teach children to tell the time
KS2 Properties of 2D and 3D shapes
KS2 Coordinates
KS1/KS2 Games to practice numeracy skills
KS1/2 Division games (and many more)
KS2 Coordinates game
Yr 2 Adding number sentences- using number lines.
KS1 Practicing of number bonds, doubles, halves, times tables and division facts
KS2 Maths games


Age/KS Brief explanation of activity Web address
Foundation/KS1 Grammar
Foundation /Y1 Phonics
Year 1 Using capital letters and full stops
Year 1 and 2  Phonics
KS1 IWB Resources
KS1/KS2 Interactive Literacy games
KS1/KS2  Interactive Literacy games
F/KS1 Phonics based games
Year 2/3 Tenses
KS1  Real or false word recognition 
Year 4   Interactive resource to teach sentence types
KS2 Spelling – double letter or not?
KS2 Myths and legends
Yr 2 Instruction writing
KS1 Creating storyboards for fairy tales
KS1/2 Literacy games


Subject  Age/KS Brief explanation of activity Web address
Science Year 1 Sorting and using materials
Science KS1 Labelling living and non-living things
Science Year 3  Balanced Diet
Science Year 5  Planets
Science  Year 2 KS1 Sorting Materials
Science Year 3 Rocks and Soils
Science Year 4  Interactive resource to teach chn about moving and growing
Science Year 5 Day and night animation
Science KS1 Sorting properties of materials
Science KS2 Child friendly definitions for habitats/foodchains
Languages F/KS1  Great for teaching any language to all age children
Geography Year2  Geography and Natural Science
ICT Year 2 History, the Great Fire of London
RE KS2 Religious sacred stories
RE KS1 or 2 Over 500 bible stories retold including illustrations (made from Lego)
Art All Art resources
Art All Examples of paintings/artwork